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Plus if ebay would need you to give specifric piece data as well as a dozen good quality detailed photographs you’ve already performed all the function to generate the record in the first place do you need ebay to offer it to them?
Your material to ebay for-free is shipped by you and they photograph, number, offer and send everything for you for 30% of the sales. But for time they consider and at the charges they are selling the material for, I’ve no idea how a valets will remain in operation.

Selling Through Service Free

They had to file a greivence which yeilded no effects as nothing was accomplished as well as the market finished.
6) All of my objects bought way under valuewhich would have been good and we’d have accepted it had it been promoted appropriately. I sold, on my own, the same item they had two of in a single ton.

Illustration: High fashion massive artist brand-name leather boots in beautiful issue. Gorgeous leather belt was named $.99 by brand
5) I emailed them 3 x detailing the difficulties with all the entries.

Why-don’t they might need distinct product information having an absolute the least 12 comprehensive high quality images then accepting they record that also it offers the transport is subsequently made from the first homeowners property to the buyer which would function as the same as a dropshipper does
Why does ebay wish to drive handling fees and the extra shipping?
Plus if ebay might demand you to give specifric item information and a dozen premium quality comprehensive pictures you’ve previously done all the function to create the record to begin with do you need ebay to sell it for you to them?
Your stuff to ebay free of charge is shipped by you and they record photograph, promote and deliver everything for you for 30% of the sales.