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I went off of all social mediI him in a texted him the other day informing him that I still desired to maintain each others lifestyles but hr did not reply. Through the separation he nonetheless instructed me that he loved me. If I should fully move ahead or not I am not certain and trapped.

How To Get Ex Back Free

Hello plz I have to buy the guide of chris but my state is not detailed after I was redirected to get. Plz support something i can do?
For 35 days I went after my ex told me “its over since its not designed to be”.

The past period was about two weeks before and during this period he is texted by me back-to-back and still got no answer.I went off of all societal mediI him in a texted him a week ago showing him that I still wanted to take each others lifestyles but hr didn’t answer. During the split up he still advised me that I was liked by him.

My ex and I split up in July and we have been in contact on and off. Me stood up twice with no description. The final moment was about two-weeks before and during this time period I wording him back-to-back and got no answer.